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Hearthstone Inn makes visiting your student comfortable and convenient

Hearthstone Inn will be your home away from home while you visit your studentsDoing that "College Road Trip" can often be tiring. As the miles roll along. you take tour after tour, gather school information to the point of overload, and one franchise hotel after another just seem to blend into a wearying, endless thread of "same old, same old".

Not so at Hearthstone Inn & Suites!  Think "Refreshing!".

Hearthstone Inn & Suites, as a premier, independent hotel serving Cedarville, Yellow Springs, Xenia, Springfield, and the greater Dayton Ohio area, is a convenient and distinctive accommodation for your next college visit!  You'll find that Cedarville University is but a 90-second drive and the Wilberforce University and Central State University campuses are just 5-minutes away.  Antioch College and Antioch Midwest Graduate School in Yellow Springs are just a 10-15 minute drive. Wittenburg University in Springfield, Ohio can be reached in about 15 minutes - so there's no need to settle for just "ordinary" motel accommodations when a memorable and relaxing stay can be found in our quiet, nearby village of Cedarville, Ohio!

For guests visiting our local Cedarville University campus, you can truly "rest assured" that our reputation for superb lodging extends to our being selected to accommodate all university chapel speakers, visiting VIPs, and special dignitaries.  Parents and families of enrolled students, prospective student families, athletic teams, and many performance and music group enthusiastically call Hearthstone Inn & Suites their place to stay!

We are the preferred choice for accommodating Cedarville University chapel speakers, VIPs, and other visiting dignitaries! So, you can be assured of enjoying top-quality accommodations!

Hearthstone Inn's university visitors rates

stay at Hearthstone Inn to visit your studentsVisiting an area university?   We have six to choose from - including Cedarville University (just 90-seconds away!), Central State University, Wilberforce University, Anitioch College, Antioch University/Midwest, and Wittenburg University.

Our University Rate is available most Sundays through Thursdays (only) except for major area events, university events, and CU Fridays at Cedarville University. Visit the website of your chosen university to obtain the special promo rate code (if available).
Cancellations and Guest Policies

SINGLE/DOUBLE OCCUPANCY : Reservations at Hearthstone Inn & Suites are based on Single/Double occupancy. Children ages 12 and under are accommodated free of charge. Guests ages 13 and above are an additional $7.00 each.


Guidelines for canceling or changing your specific reservation will be found in your CONFIRMATION LETTER which you should receive separately via e-mail (or postal mail if required). Please call us at 1-877-OHIO-INN (644-6466) if you do not.

RESERVATION CHANGES : Any change(s) to your reservation must be done, by telephone, PRIOR to the cancellation period for your date(s) of stay. A revised CONFIRMATION LETTER should be sent to you after you request a change. If you do NOT receive one, please notify us as it is the ONLY verification there is to avoid "late cancel" fee from being charged if you shorten your stay.

CANCELLATIONS : Unlike national franchise hotel/motel properties, we are unable to cancel reservations with the typical "by 6:00 p.m. the day-of-arrival".  

Room reservations which are booked SAME DAY or DAY PRIOR to check-in date are NON-CANCELABLE without a one (1) night charge being applied for each room reserved. 

NON-EVENT TIMES: Most typical reservations (non-major area events) require cancellation notification by 4:00 p.m. TWO (2) DAYS PRIOR to Arrival/Check-in. If you need to cancel your standard-room reservation for any reason, please call us by phone before 4:00 p.m. TWO DAYS PRIOR to your reserved date of Arrival/Check-in to avoid cancellation penalty. Unless cancelled within the open cancellation period, reservations booked after 4:00 p.m. less than two days prior to check-in (including same-day reservations) are fully charged, late-cancelled single-night stays are fully charged, and for multi-night stays, the first night will be fully charged.

EVENT TIMES: In view of our limited availability and high demand, some special event occasions may require either THREE (3) or SEVEN (7) full days notification to cancel. Please be sure to make note of the Cancellation Guidelines for your specific date(s) of stay at time of reservation. Unless cancelled within the open cancellation period, late-cancelled single-night stays are fully charged, and for multi-night stays, the first night will be fully charged.


Booked 8 or more days in advance - a SEVEN (7) day cancellation required.
Booked 4-7 days in advance - a THREE (3) day cancellation required.
Booked 3 days or less - NON-CANCELLABLE without full charge for one (1) night.

Unless cancelled within the allowed cancellation period, late-cancelled single-night stays are fully charged, and for multi-night stays, the first night will be fully charged.

Providing us with your e-mail address at time of reservation will ensure that you receive written confirmation and correct cancellation guidelines.

ILLNESS, INCLEMENT WEATHER, OR EMERGENCY : While we understand the unexpected need to cancel arrival plans due to illness, weather, or personal/family emergency, due to our limited availability and high demand as an independent boutique property, we regret that we are unable to issue refunds greater than the first day of your scheduled arrival.

EARLY DEPARTURES: Early departures after check-in are considered as cancellations and, as such, are fully billable for ALL CANCELLED NIGHTS OF STAY as indicated in your original reservations.

SMOKING POLICY : Hearthstone Inn & Suites features a FULLY NON-SMOKING environment. THIS INCLUDES E-CIGARETTES (i.e. "vaping"). Smoking rooms are NOT available. Smoking is permitted anywhere outside the building. A surcharge of $250.00 will be levied for any single instance of smoking from within our guest rooms or inside the building. Fire alarm activation due to e-cigarettes will incur a $100.00 surcharge.

The lighting of CANDLES and OPEN FLAME is likewise prohibited in our building by order of the Fire Marshall and Ohio Revised Code fire regulations. A surcharge of $50.00 shall be applied for incidents of unapproved open flame or lighting of matches from within the building. 

PET POLICY : Pets are welcome, with notification, but are limited to dogs ONLY. An additional PET FEE applies, $15.00 per pet, first day, $10.00 per pet, each additional day. Specific rooms are designated as pet-friendly. Presence of pets without prior notice will result in full room charges, a $50 room-cleaning penalty, and immediate termination of accommodation. You are required to notify us in advance if you are planning to bring your pet. A separate PET GUIDELINES will be sent to guests planning to bring their pet.