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Hearthstone Inn Hotel and Suites

Ohio-to-Erie Bike Trail

Hearthstone Inn & Suites hotel is located directly on Trail #1 (The Ohio-To-Erie Trail/Prarie Grass Trail). We are 7.78 miles from the Little Miami Bike Trail (Trail #3) with the connection hub centralized at Xenia Station. From the Xenia Station trail hub you can bike on some of the most amazing off-road cycling bike routes in the United States!  Unlike national hotel "brands", you'll discover a much higher level of comfort, cleanliness, safety, and enjoyment at our independent lodging property. You are sure to return again and again to Hearthstone Inn & Suites!

The trails wind through small towns rich with history and charm including Cedarville, Yellow Springs, and Loveland. We have hosted "century-riders," small groups of bike trail enthusiasts, out-of-state bike trail visitors, coast-to-coast racers and adventurers, and leisure riders exploring our trail on a two-person tandem (we have bike rentals available, including a "bicycle-built-for-two"). If traveling from Xenia Station by bicycle, we are 7.8 miles northeast on Trail #1 towards Columbus—the Ohio-to-Erie trail ("OTET"). Come into the Village of Cedarville at the Main Street bike trail intersection, hop off your bike, and just walk into our lobby!

Any cyclist using the bike trail is welcome to take a break at our Bike Trail Oasis for a water fill-up or some ice to cool down.  We sell beverages and snacks to help replenish energy and refresh the weary.  Our Bike Trail Patio is available, providing tables, chairs, and bistro-type umbrellas for any prolonged "kick-back" needed.  Biking groups staying with us totally enjoy our Bike Trail Patio after a long day of trail adventure! Spring-Summer-Fall, cyclists drop in constantly to say "Hi!", then back on their two-wheeled journey!

Our guests may secure their bikes on our Bike Trail Patio bike rack, or along our wrap-around porch, or they may take them into their guest rooms for extra safe-keeping.  All we ask is that guests do not use our guest towels to clean their bikes, nor take the bike to bed!  Grime and grease are not easily removed!

See "Biking FAQs" section below for more information.

Miami Valley Bike Trails

Ohio's Miami Valley area offers both beautiful open-road / back-road cycling, as well as a wonderful system of recreational trails to its residents and visitors. Over 250 miles of delightful, invigorating trails stretch across five counties, crossing a variety of terrains. The Little Miami/Ohio-to-Erie Bike Trail system is primarily a fully-paved, former railroad bed. It connects at the centrally-located Xenia Bike Station hub to the Ohio-to-Erie Trail and a number of other interconnected routes.

The quaint Xenia Station is the meeting point for five major bike trails. Designed as a 19th-century train station, Xenia Station contains a replica of the original Xenia telegraph office.

Greene County Bike Trails

If you like bike paths, Greene County is the gateway to over 140 miles of paved rails-to-trails. Prefer the open road? There are over 600 miles of relaxing country roads, try one of our suggested rides. Mountain biking? We have over 14 miles of dedicated trails. You'll discover espresso bars, bike rentals (right here at Hearthstone too!) and restaurants right on the bike paths.

Download Bike Trail Maps

Biking FAQs

Where can I store my bike?
We are in a small, safe, family-friendly village. You may confidently lock your bike securely in our side patio bike rack, to a railing on our covered wrap-around porch, or store your bike in your room (as long as you do not sleep with it!). Or you may leave it/them secured in or on your vehicle.  

By the way, our delightful Guest Patio provides cyclists/groups with a comfortable area to sit, talk, play cards, or enjoy a beverage under Edison light illumination. Bike rentals are available on site! We have single (standard) bikes and a delightful 2-person tandem available for hourly or daily rental.

What are your bike rental rates?
STANDARD BIKE            $10.00/HR             $39.00/DAY
TANDEM (2-seater)       $20.00/HR           $69.00/DAY

Helmets are recommended and available at no extra charge. All regional rail-trails are fully paved (formerly the railroad bed for the B&O, then Pennsylvania RR) and are virtually flat with some occasional slight 1-2% grades. Most rail-trails are off-road with intermittent road crossings. Bikes are available for rental through October, and typically are stored once the weather turns uncomfortable for riding.  Bikes may be rented and used only during daylight hours.

What is the distance to trails from Hearthstone Inn & Suites (one-way, via bike trail system)
Cincinnati (Trail 1) - 65
Loveland (Trail 1) - 50
Xenia (Trail 1) - 8
Yellow Springs (Trail 1 to Xenia hub, then Trail 3 to Yellow Springs) - 19
London (Trail 1) - 22
Columbus Area (Trail 1 to current end at Camp Chase Trail-head) - 40

Hearthstone Inn & Suites

We strongly recommend that users of the acclaimed Ohio Bike Trail system stay in shape at home, especially during the "off" season!  The Ohio-To-Erie Trail itself is comprised of 326 miles of delightful, enjoyable, and refreshing adventure!  Much of our system is paved, and relatively level from Columbus south.

We recommend that you use a stationary bike, elliptical, or even a rower to keep that cardio going!  For a great online program, designed for regular folks and active adults, we recommend BitGym.  No coaching pressure, no "leaderboard", and amazing virtual travels around-the-world, right from your own home!
Go to for full information.

BitGym users may access the current BitGym Exercise Sessions Guide right HERE
We continuously update this guide as new sessions are added. Stay in shape, and have fun!  See you on the Ohio-To-Erie Trail!