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Hearthstone Inn Hotel and Suites

Catering &
Conference Room Services


Catering may be done on-site by Hearthstone Inn & Suites, an outside vendor, or by the guest's own arrangements.

For small catering events, up to 35 people.  Rates include tables (round or rectangle), chairs, tables, and complimentary water/ice service. Coffee service is available at $15.00 per carafe of our own freshly ground, custom-blended gourmet coffee. For meetings, break-time snacks may be arranged based on your specific needs. Luncheons in-house can be arranged (such as a build-your-own sandwich buffet), or you may elect to dine locally at one of our nearby restaurants. China place settings (informal) are available which includes: large plate, salad plate (if applicable), beverage glass, cutlery for $2.75 per person. Tablecloths may be provided at $2.00 per table.


Our Conference Room can accommodate 25-30 people positioned around various rectangle table configurations, or up to 35 people in classroom-style with only chairs in rows. Individual, padded folding chairs are used in order to more easily adjust for seating arrangements and numbers of people serviced.

A pull-down projection screen is available in the Conference Room at no charge. A digital projector (which connects to your computer/laptop) is available for rent, $35.00 per day.   Conference Room rental does not require hotel guest room accommodations rental, however, groups booking hotel rooms may receive a Conference Room rental discount. Charges are adjusted to number of guest rooms rented.  If 10 guest rooms or more are rented there is no charge for the Conference Room, just charges for add-ons. Our Conference Room also features a sink and preparation counter.  

Catering for snacks/breaks is available in-house, as is coffee/tea service.  Water/glasses are complimentary.  We can cater a lunch service in-house, or you may opt to eat at Lola's Mexican Restaurant directly across the street from our hotel. Also local are Colonial Pizza and Subway. You are welcome to contract your own catering service also!

Your number of guests and specific/meeting event dynamics may affect the type of tables used. Call us at (937) 766-3000 to discuss your needs, menu options, and projected costs!

Hearthstone Inn & Suites

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