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Hearthstone Inn Hotel and Suites

College Visitations

Right here in town, Hearthstone Inn & Suites is a fabulously unique and distinctive accommodation for your next college visit! Cedarville University is only a 90-second drive and the Wilberforce University and Central State University campuses are just 5 minutes away. Antioch College and Antioch Midwest Graduate School in Yellow Springs are just a 15-minute drive. Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio can also be reached in about 15 minutes. Enjoy a memorable and relaxing stay in our quiet village of Cedarville, Ohio. 

Hearthstone Inn & Suites is convenient to Cedarville University and has served the CU community since 2001.  If you are visiting the local Cedarville University campus, you can truly "rest assured" that our reputation for superb lodging means we are the preferred choice for hosting Cedarville University chapel speakers, VIPs, and other visiting dignitaries. Parents and families of enrolled students, prospective student families, athletic teams, and many performance and music groups enthusiastically call Hearthstone Inn & Suites their place to stay. The truth is, we treat all of our guests like VIPs - so you can be sure your stay with us will be most comfortable and relaxing.  Our superior quality, ratings, and reputation have stood far beyond the "franchise" sector since we first opened.  We are independent, superbly clean, safe, and feature a "family-like" atmosphere.  During nice weather, you can even rent a bicycle, explore our adjacent bike trail, go for a run or walk, hike in nearby, beautiful Indian Mound Reserve park, see CedarCliff Falls, and enjoy small-town USA in a way that city-based national brands properties just cannot compete.  It's a 10 minute walk to the CU campus if you prefer. A stay at Hearthstone Inn & Suites is so much more than a just night's sleep - it's truly a refreshing and relaxing experience.  After traveling all that distance from home - you deserve a nice, comfortable, friendly accommodation!


What better way to enjoy an athletic event, and root for your student's team, than to book your stay at Hearthstone Inn & Suites - right here in town!  Since your accommodation is so close to the sport venue, your student-athlete can even visit with you, and stay the night if you so choose, without any inconvenience of your needing to travel a long distance!  If you are a coach hoping to find a clean, comfortable, and a "quick-access" lodging property, it doesn't get much quicker than being two traffic lights away!

So, whether you are a parent, grandparent, or coach, Hearthstone Inn & Suites can get you there with a smile, adrenaline-pumping, and a great cup of locally-roasted, custom-blended coffee!

If you found our hotel page through the Cedarville University Athletics website, when booking your room, please be sure to click on "CU - Athletics Website" under "How did you hear about us".  Otherwise, let us know how you discovered your new "go-to" favorite hotel!

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Hearthstone Inn & Suites

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