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Hearthstone Inn Hotel and Suites

Our Policies

CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT TIMES: Check-in time is from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (EST). Check-out time is by 11:00 a.m. Please CALL us if you need an earlier or later Check-in, or need a later Check-out. NOTE: An additional Early Check-In or Late Check-Out fee may apply, based on time requested.

Reservation Changes

RESERVATION CANCELLATIONS AND CHANGES: Guidelines for canceling or changing your specific reservation will be found in your CONFIRMATION LETTER which you should receive separately via e-mail (or postal mail if required). Please call us at 1-877-OHIO-INN (644-6466) if you do not receive it.

RESERVATION CHANGES: Any change(s) to your reservation must be done, by telephone, before the cancellation period for your date(s) of stay. A revised CONFIRMATION LETTER should be sent to you after you request a change. If you do NOT receive one, please notify us as it is the ONLY verification there is to avoid the "late cancel" fee from being charged if you shorten your stay.


NON-EVENT TIMES: Most typical reservations (non-major area events) require cancellation notification by 4:00 p.m. TWO (2) DAYS BEFORE Arrival/Check-in. If you need to cancel your standard-room reservation for any reason, please call us by phone before 4:00 p.m. TWO DAYS BEFORE your reserved date of Arrival/Check-in to avoid a cancellation penalty. Unless canceled within the open cancellation period, reservations booked after 4:00 p.m. less than two days before check-in (including same-day reservations) are fully charged, late-canceled single-night stays are fully charged, and for multi-night stays, the first night will be fully charged.

EVENT TIMES: Given our limited availability and high demand, some special event occasions may require either THREE (3) or SEVEN (7) full days notification to cancel. Please be sure to make note of the Cancellation Guidelines for your specific date(s) of stay at time of reservation. Unless canceled within the open cancellation period, late-canceled single-night stays are fully charged, and for multi-night stays, the first night will be fully charged.

SAME-DAY OR NEXT-DAY RESERVATIONS: Due to our limited availability, room reservations which are booked the SAME DAY or 1 DAY BEFORE check-in date cannot be canceled without a one (1) night charge being applied for each room reserved.

Booked 8 or more days in advance⁠—a SEVEN (7) day cancellation required.
Booked 4-7 days in advance⁠—a THREE (3) day cancellation required.
Booked 3 days or less⁠—NON-CANCELLABLE without full charge for one (1) night.

Unless canceled within the allowed cancellation period, late-canceled single-night stays are fully charged, and for multi-night stays, the first night will be fully charged.

Providing us with your e-mail address at the time of the reservation will ensure that you receive written confirmation and correct cancellation guidelines.

ILLNESS, INCLEMENT WEATHER, OR EMERGENCY: While we understand the unexpected need to cancel arrival plans due to illness, weather, or personal/family emergency, due to our limited availability and high demand as an independent boutique property, we regret that we are unable to issue refunds greater than the first day of your scheduled arrival.

EARLY DEPARTURES: Early departures after check-in are considered as cancellations and, as such, are fully billable for ALL CANCELED NIGHTS OF STAY as indicated in your original reservations.


We do understand that it is occasionally difficult to find safe & reliable "sitting" for your dog while traveling. Therefore, we have established specially-designated rooms for pets and their owners. This allows us to better control for cleanliness and potential allergens as a courtesy to other guests. (NOTE:  Dogs, unless specifically trained Service Animals per ADA guidelines, are not permitted in the lobby during breakfast hours.)

We will provide you with a Dog Policy information sheet, along with a second, follow-up confirmation letter once your initial reservation has been received. This will provide important "Things to Know" for keeping your pet with you at Hearthstone Inn & Suites.

Dog weight is typically restricted to 30 pounds. (Please call us for any weights above this - we'll be happy to discuss your request!). It is expected that your pet will be well-mannered, not a "barker," and will be kept off room furnishings/bedding. Smaller dogs should have a portable kennel/travel cage. Larger dogs are not required to have a portable kennel (although highly recommended), but they must have their own bedding, must not be allowed to be on the room furnishings/bedding, and should not eat children. No dogs are to be left alone in the guest room at ANY TIME, with the sole exception of breakfast time (assuming pet is well mannered and does not go on furniture/bedding.) Please avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of Management needing to call you in order to attend to your pet.

OTHER PETS: Please call us to discuss your needs. If you arrive to check in with other than a dog, without advance notice, your reservation is subject to immediate cancellation with FULL CHARGES APPLIED and no refund given.

We require that those planning to bring pets indicate such by including this information under "SPECIAL REQUESTS" section within your online reservation during the reservation process.

PET FEES: Our pet fee is $45.00 first night, $35.00 additional nights for the first pet, $35.00 first night, $25.00 additional nights for a second pet.  We will send you our Dog Guidelines upon receiving your reservation.

NOTICE: Guests with undeclared pets will be surcharged $250.00 since non-pet rooms require additional cleaning after guest departure.

FEES DO NOT APPLY TO SPECIALLY-TRAINED SERVICE DOGS, per ADA definition.  A service animal is specially trained (sometimes officially registered/licensed) to assist its owner with a task (or tasks) that the owner is incapable or limited in doing. 

PET FEES APPLY to "Companion Animals" known as "ESA" dogs.  

Evidence of guests keeping non-declared dogs in their room will be surcharged $50.00 per pet/per day in addition to the standard pet fee guidelines above. Immediate guest departure may also be required, based on circumstances as determined by our Management.

Other Policies

SMOKING POLICY: Hearthstone Inn & Suites features a FULLY NON-SMOKING environment. THIS INCLUDES E-CIGARETTES (i.e. "vaping"). Smoking rooms are NOT available. Smoking is permitted anywhere outside the building. A surcharge of $250.00 will be levied for any single instance of smoking from within our guest rooms or inside the building. Fire alarm activation due to e-cigarettes will incur a $100.00 surcharge.

The lighting of CANDLES and OPEN FLAME is likewise prohibited in our building by order of the Fire Marshall and Ohio Revised Code fire regulations. A surcharge of $50.00 shall be applied for incidents of unapproved open flame or lighting of matches from within the building.

PET POLICY: Please go to our FAQ page for details!

Hearthstone Inn & Suites

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